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Save up to 12 hours
a week using our
freeAI tools for
Math Teachers 

Designed to free you from tedious administrative tasks, our K-12 platform uses research-backed AI tools to increase teaching efficiency and enhance student learning, allowing you to focus more on classroom interactions

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Thinkverse AI math tools
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Our Team and Advisors from

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Best AI for Math Teachers

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and more....

Experience AI tools tailored to math teachers' needs

Effortlessly handle math notation with a LaTeX-compatible interface


Modify teaching materials easily for each student's needs

Edit materials smoothly, then export them to PDF with ease

Publish to Google Classroom in one click, seamlessly integrating into your digital environment

Become a Teacher Ambassador

At Thinkverse we are looking for Teacher Ambassadors to help us improve our AI tutor and tools


  • Early access to AI tools

  • AI Equipped Teacher Certification

  • Compensation for task completion

  • Opportunities for collaboration in ed-tech projects

  • Public recognition on Thinkverse's platforms and events

  • Access to a supportive community forum for knowledge sharing

  • Regular updates on AI education trends


  • Participate in user research and feedback.

  • Provide regular feedback on platform usability.

  • Join in surveys and focus groups for Thinkverse improvement.

  • Promote Thinkverse in professional circles and on social media.

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Evelyn Torres

Senior Math Teacher, Springfield School District

"As a math teacher, I couldn't be more impressed with Thinkverse. The AI tools tailored specifically for us are truly world-class. They've have also helped to improve teaching efficiency incredibly!"

Nora Kim

Head of Mathematics Department, Lakeside County Schools

"With the convenience and versatility the platform offers, I'm able to modify my materials and easily share them with my colleagues. Plus, the LaTeX-friendly interface is a game-changer for jotting down complex equations"

Isabella García


AP Calculus and Statistics Educator, Coastal Valley School District

"This platform is the best thing that has happened to my teaching career! The remarkable time-saving from administrative tasks has allowed me to focus more on my students. For all teachers out there, this is a must-have tool"
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