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Offer Personalized Learning to your Students with AI Teaching Assistants

Achieve maximum teaching efficiency with AI-powered assignments and tutoring. Create or generate customized problems, provide AI-guided support without revealing answers, and enhance your teaching with personalized feedback and analytics.

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Thinkverse AI math tools
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Our Team and Advisors from

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Custom assignments, personalized tutoring, and insightful analytics for effective teaching

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Experience AI tools tailored for math teachers' needs

Effortlessly handle math notation with a LaTeX-compatible interface


Bring your own questions using our import problem sets function 

Get insights into student's assignment progress, performance and actionable insights

Publish to Google Classroom in one click, seamlessly integrating into your digital environment

Become a Teacher Ambassador

At Thinkverse we are looking for

Teacher Ambassadors to help us improve our

AI tutor and tools


  • Early access to AI tools

  • AI Equipped Teacher Certification

  • Compensation for task completion

  • Public recognition on Thinkverse's platforms and events

  • Regular updates on AI education trends


  • Participate in user research and feedback.

  • Provide regular feedback on platform usability.

  • Join in surveys and focus groups for Thinkverse improvement.

  • Promote Thinkverse in professional circles and on social media.

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