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Improve your School's 
Math Proficiency, at 1% of Traditional Tutoring Cost

Our AI-powered K-12 tutoring platform, equipped with the world's best AI tutors for every student, enhances learning outcomes and boosts teaching efficiency, leading to high-quality academic performance in schools.

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Learn 50% More Effectively 

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Proficiency by 5%

Best in the World Advanced AI Math Tutors 
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AI Avatars

Practice anytime with 24/7 tutor availability

Learn concepts guided step-by-step without revealing the answers 

Personalize to match student's learning style

Customize AI tutor avatars for high-engagement 

Special Ed friendly with Audio/Visual learning

Comprehensive K-12 Math curriculum coverage 

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More Integrations



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Keep Teachers in the Loop with
powerful tools and integrations

AI Generate or create using your own assignments 

Provide extended homework support with "AI Teaching Assistants"

Publish and track assignments on Google Classroom

Access over 20+ Teacher Productivity Tools 

Gather assignment performance and actionable steps

Personalized insights on a student's performance 

Get in-depth school proficiency analytics with our powerful reporting

Unlock In-Depth Insights into the school's Performance


Integrate with Your Favorite Educational Tools

SAML SSO Integration 


Gather personalized student performance insights 


Dedicated Support for a hassle-free adoption

Adheres to COPPA and FERPA guidelines

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Teacher-Student Engagement

Proficiency Distribution by Class

Student Engagement 

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  • How much does Thinkverse cost?
    Thinkverse is free for teachers forever. In a school setting, we charge based on the number of student licenses. For detailed pricing, please book a call with our team.
  • Which subjects does Thinkverse support?
    Currently, Thinkverse supports mathematics, with plans to expand to other subjects soon. Keep an eye on our updates for more information.
  • Can I access Thinkverse on multiple devices?
    Thinkverse is engineered to ensure compatibility across a wide range of devices and web browsers. For the best user experience, we recommend accessing Thinkverse via a desktop computer or iPad, utilizing Chrome or Safari browsers.
  • What support resources are available for teachers and students?
    Thinkverse offers comprehensive support resources, including 1:1 onboarding and live customer support, to assist users in maximizing the platform's features.
  • Can I track my students' progress on Thinkverse?
    Yes, Thinkverse provides tools for teachers to monitor student progress, assign problems, and assess performance insights, supporting personalized learning and intervention strategies.
  • How can I customize my AI avatar in Thinkverse?
    Users can personalize their AI avatar through the profile menu, allowing for a unique and engaging learning experience.
  • Can Thinkverse be used offline?
    Currently, Thinkverse requires an internet connection for full functionality. We are exploring options for offline access to accommodate learning in environments with limited connectivity.
  • Is Thinkverse special education friendly?
    Yes, our platform includes features such as text and speech modes to accommodate diverse learning needs.
  • What languages is Thinkverse available in?
    While currently focused on English, we are exploring multilingual support to make Thinkverse accessible to a broader audience.
  • How can I provide feedback or suggest features for Thinkverse?
    Users are encouraged to submit feedback or feature suggestions through website live chat widget on the bottom right of the screen, helping us improve and evolve.
  • How do I report a technical issue with Thinkverse?
    If you encounter a technical issue, please contact our support team through the support widget on the bottom left side of the website or email us directly at [email protected], providing a detailed description of the problem for prompt assistance.
  • Does Thinkverse sell my data?
    Absolutely not. We prioritize your privacy and do not sell your or your students' data. For more details, see our Privacy Policy.
  • Is Thinkverse compliant with data privacy regulations?
    Yes, we comply with COPPA, FERPA, and all applicable state privacy laws, ensuring the security and privacy of student and staff information.
  • How secure is Thinkverse?
    We employ stringent security measures and protocols to protect user data and ensure a safe online environment, adhering to industry standards and certifications for data security.

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