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AI Teaching Assistant for Every Math Teacher

Improve your student's proficiency through a personalized, adaptive, and engaging AI tutor, available anytime.

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Meet Thinkverse

Thinkverse is a K-12 math learning platform with powerful AI tutors that provide personalized, in-the-moment mathematics support for students.

Our AI tutor enhances teaching efficiency and empowers teachers to unlock

key learning insights - all at 1% of the cost.

See Thinkverse in action. Press "start tour" to begin.

Interested in learning more?

The best-in-class AI Math Tutor for Every Student

Access our AI tutor anytime, anywhere with 24/7 tutor availability


Guide students step-by-step to ensure conceptual understanding


Personalize instruction with an AI tutor that automatically adjusts to each student’s learning style

Support any math question type and provide multi-language support

AI Avatars
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More Integrations




Coming soon...

Empower Teachers to make the most of every lesson

Create AI-generated sessions with comprehensive K-12 curriculum coverage


Access a unified dashboard showcasing student performance


Receive real-time AI insights and actionable recommendations


Integrate Thinkverse with Google Classroom to seamlessly publish and track assignments


Access over 20+ Teacher Productivity Tools

Uphold the highest standards for safety, security, and accessibility

Leverage SAML SSO Integration to limit student data access to key administrators


Comply with COPPA and FERPA guidelines


Provide audio-visual learning and accessibility options that align with your school’s special education needs


Receive dedicated support from our team for seamless adoption

Thinkverse Analytics Dashboard


Expected EOY School Proficiency

School wise breakdown

Teacher-Student Engagement

Proficiency Distribution by Class

Student Engagement 

Jan         Feb          Mar        Apr          May        June       July            Aug            Sep           Oct      Nov           Dec



Computer Class

Take Math Proficiency
to New Heights

Students who spend just 15 minutes on Thinkverse report...




improvement in concept mastery

increase in confidence

likelihood of practicing again with Thinkverse

See the pilot study

in Action

Thinkverse helps teachers reduce their workload and provide greater personalized support for their students.

Results from a pilot program at Esperanza College Prep have indicated that students who spend 15 minutes on Thinkverse achieved a:


gain in math proficiency


increase in student confidence

Thinkverse helped my students build their math persistence and confidence, particularly in learning how to ask questions and in becoming more independent learners.

Michael Gorse, Algebra 1 Teacher


Our Team and Advisors from

Reimagine math instruction with Thinkverse

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