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AI-Powered K-12 Learning Platform

Our Mission

Thinkverse is an AI-powered K-12 learning platform designed to assist educators and students in achieving their learning goals by ethically integrating and understanding AI in their educational practices. Our platform aims to provide an innovative and personalized learning experience for students, while also enabling teachers to improve their teaching methods and administrators to enhance their school's performance.

Our Story

Thinkverse was founded with the vision of transforming the education landscape with AI technology. Our team is composed of educators, technologists, and researchers who are passionate about the potential of AI in education. We believe that AI can help students learn better, faster, and more effectively, and we are committed to realizing this vision through our platform.

Meet the team


Vincent Zhang, CFA

Co-Founder & CEO

3x EdTech Founder in tutoring over 10 years serving over 80,000 students


Sean Shan

Co-Founder & CTO

Full-Stack Software & ML Engineer at Google, TikTok and 

Machine Learning Researcher


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