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The Leading AI Learning Platform for Every School

Thinkverse is an easy-to-deploy, adaptive, and engaging AI tutor that provides K-12 students with personalized instruction proven to develop deeper mathematical comprehension. Thinkverse also serves as an AI teaching assistant, allowing you to expand staff capacity at scale.

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Take Math Proficiency
to New Heights

Students who spend 20 minutes on Thinkverse report...




increase in student confidence

improvement in mastery of algebraic concepts

likelihood of practicing again with Thinkverse

Thinkverse Analytics Dashboard


Expected EOY School Proficiency

Teacher-Student Engagement

Proficiency Distribution by Class

Student Engagement 

Jan       Feb       Mar        Apr        May       June       July       Aug        Sep         Oct        Nov       Dec



An AI Math Tutor that enhances student math proficiency

Quickly deploy an AI math tutor that provides support for your students anytime, anywhere, and adapts to each student’s preferred learning style


Students who spend 20 minutes on Thinkverse report improved mastery of algebraic concepts by up to 36%

An AI Teaching Assistant that increases teacher bandwidth

Thinkverse helps your teachers save time by evaluating, providing in-the-moment tutoring support, and generating real-time analytics on student progress


Your teachers will be equipped with integral insights that allow them to focus on students who need the most support

Uphold the highest standards for safety, security, and accessibility

Leverage SAML SSO Integration to limit student data access to key administrators


LTI integrations that comply with COPPA and FERPA guidelines


Provide audio-visual learning and accessibility options that align with your school’s special education needs

Seamless deployment

Thinkvese is a turnkey solution that takes minutes to deploy


Receive dedicated support from our team for seamless adoption

Reimagine math instruction with Thinkverse

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