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How AI Tutors Elevated Test Scores by 33% in a Groundbreaking Study

Updated: Dec 13, 2023


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, a fast shift is occurring, thanks to the remarkable capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A groundbreaking study, employing the advanced GPT-4 model, has uncovered a transformative fact: students utilizing AI tutors, particularly in math, exhibit a 33% improvement in test outcomes. This revelation is not just a statistic but a testament to the untapped potential of AI in education. Thinkverse, a pioneering AI-first K-12 platform, is leading this educational revolution, redefining classroom boundaries and possibilities.

About the Study:

At the heart of this transformation is the study, "Large-Scale Study on AI Tutoring Effectiveness", which involved 1,200 participants. This research illuminated the efficacy of AI in providing explanations, surpassing traditional methods of teaching. Participants who engaged with AI tutor explanations significantly outperformed their peers who didn't have the same access, highlighting the impact of personalized learning.

Key findings of the study include:

  • Enhanced Performance: The improvement in performance among students who interacted with AI tutors underscores the importance of personalized, AI-driven learning strategies.

  • Quality Matters: The study emphasizes the significance of the AI tutor's quality - in this case, GPT-4 - for providing accurate and relevant explanations.

  • Self-Effort Plus AI Support: The most remarkable success was noted when students first tackled problems independently and then were assisted by AI explanations, fostering a deeper understanding.

How Thinkverse is revolutonizing AI tutoring:

Inspiring from these eye-opening findings, Thinkverse has embraced the mission to integrate these advantages into K-12 education. Thinkverse's AI tutors are not just online math tutors; they are personalized, low-cost, educational companions, offering tailored support to a diverse range of learning needs and styles.

The platform confronts several educational challenges head-on:

  • Boosting AI Adoption: Thinkverse is increasing AI adoption in schools while ensuring utmost privacy and security.

  • Human-Centric AI Use: The platform augments educators' efforts, complementing rather than replacing their vital role.

  • Access and Equity: Thinkverse is committed to providing equitable access to AI resources across different educational backgrounds.

  • Data Privacy and Security: Upholding the highest standards of data protection is a cornerstone of Thinkverse's philosophy.

  • AI Literacy and Education: Preparing students for an AI-integrated future is a primary goal of Thinkverse.


In conclusion, Thinkverse leverages the power of AI to offer a transformative, personalized learning experience. The platform, inspired by pivotal research findings, is reshaping education, preparing students for an AI-intertwined future. AI's role in education, as evidenced by the study, is not only beneficial but essential for the next generation of learners.

Ready to be part of this educational revolution? Visit and discover how our AI tutors can transform your or your child's educational journey. Sign up today and join the forefront of AI-driven learning!

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